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.DOL auditors seek proof of fiduciary training. Learn more.

.Fiduciary duties can not be outsourced. Learn why.

Is Fiduciary Training for You?

PSCA’s ERISA Fiduciary Training Program is appropriate for members of fiduciary committees and other employees who have primary responsibility for the operation of their companies’ ERISA plans.

While most fiduciary training programs focus almost exclusively on investments, PSCA offers a comprehensive approach that addresses all areas that are relevant to plan fiduciaries, including fiduciary duties, plan governance, plan documents, monitoring outside consultants and participant communications.

Study at your own pace. All lessons and tests are available exclusively online.

Fiduciary Certification

Successful completion of all four modules of the program will result in the awarding of PSCA’s ERISA Fiduciary Training certificate. Continuing education credits are also available through the program.

Completion of the following four education modules is required to receive the certificate:

  1. ERISA’s Vision of the Fiduciary Role
  2. ERISA Decision-Making Framework
  3. Selecting & Monitoring Service Providers
  4. Fiduciary Communications with Participants

Each module consists of educational materials followed by an online test. You may view the program as many times as necessary before taking the test. After registering, you have up to a year to complete the program.

60+ Years of Experience

The Profit Sharing/401k Council of America (PSCA) is the nation’s preeminent nonprofit association dedicated to serving the needs of defined contribution plan sponsors and participants. A recognized authority in the field of fiduciary responsibility, PSCA is uniquely qualified to understand the needs and concerns of fiduciaries.

For over 60 years, PSCA has been an unbiased source of “best practice” thinking in the Defined Contribution arena. As a fiduciary, you are required by law to be a prudent expert on your responsibilities and to avoid potential regulatory infractions by keeping your plan in compliance. PSCA’s ERISA Fiduciary Training Program provides you with a comprehensive overview of your responsibilities, from managing the process, to communicating with participants, to monitoring outside providers.

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